Team Members

Mason Sherwood


Health & Life Agent

Cell: 801-971-9750

License Number: 715020

Paul Spencer


Health & Life Agent

Cell: 801-631-8875

License Number: 715471

Jason Condie


Health & Life Agent

Cell: 915-528-5640

License Number: 716613

Preston Day


Health & Life Agent

Cell: 801-910-9190

License Number: 719429

Carlin Merrill


Life Agent

Cell: 801-513-0189

License Number: 719350

About Us

Senior Benefit Specialists

Our team are ready to work with you to find the best personalized product on the market that fits best for your lifestyle and budget.

Fast and Professional

 We understand that your time is valuable which means we can meet with you and have personalized options on the table for you same day.

Working for You

Our team is prepared to evaluate your needs and find an affordable product that works for you. Already have coverage? Great! We can do policy and need evaluations quickly that tell you exactly what coverage you have and what your remaining needs are!